Noise-free accessibility solution for modern city

Mobilis Sound Beacon

Automatic sound beacon for blind and VI people navigation
What is sound beacon?
Sound beacon is a navigation device for blind or visually impaired people. The device emits a periodic sound that allows a person with limited vision to locate the object (for example, entrance to the building). These devices can be attached to doorways of buildings, public transport cabin doors, traffic lights, etc. The system is "last meters solution" and works on audible distances ~5..20m.

Why do I need a sound beacon?
Blind people (as any other people), use government buildings, shops, cafes, hospitals, postal offices, transport vehicles etc. Sound beacons greatly simplify navigation for them. The beacon makes your location more accessible. While this itself is a good thing to do, this may also be a requirement in many jurisdictions.

Why Mobilis?
Our beacons are silent, until they need by approaching blind user.
No noise = no complaints from surrounding people.

Sound beacon above building entrance
Buzzer and voice announcement help blind of visually impaired people to find entrance

Mobilis Sound Beacon :: Features

Smart technology to bring accessibility to new level
Natural Audio Navigation
Our beacon emits sound that helps blind or visually impaired users in navigation. This helps to find entrance to the building, transport cabin door, road crossing or any other object of interest.
Automatic beacon sound activation / deactivation
Our beacons activated automatically when blind or visually impaired user is nearby. To activate the beacon there are 2 possible options:
  • Smartphone beacon activator application
  • Small pocket beacon activator device
Smart Off
Our beacon handles the situation when user stays for long time near it for some reason. For example, if user comes into your cafe and sit at the table near the beacon. Our "Smart-Off" feature turns system off for him, but still allow beacon to be reactivated by another user.
Voice Messages
Beacon can (among with navigation sound) produce voice message, specifying property name, address, next point of interest, etc.
Easy Customization
Beacon owner can manage beacon settings via special "Beacon Administrator" smartphone application. The app allows to tune beacon parameters, upload several custom audio files or voice messages (and switch between them).
Hardware Integration
Beacon equipped with bi-directional multipurpose 1 wire interface for integration with Smart City solutions. The interface allows integration with external sensors (for example: automatic door operation sensor), control switches (for example: selection of transport route number), or to provide blind user proximity notification to external devices. Integration also may be performed via Bluetooth BLE wireless connection.
Extra Cloud Integration
The beacon itself operate without Internet connection. But modern smartphones may obtain additional beacon-related information from our cloud platform. This information may include detailed location description, map related information, direction to nearby beacons etc.

Mobilis Sound Beacon :: Store

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Mobilis Sound Beacon :: Advantages

Sound beacon that is silent when not need and
talking only when nesessary
Noise free audio beacon
Our sound beacon is silent most of the time and activated only blind user is nearby. This fundamentally different from beacons that operates constantly (and making acoustic noise pollution). Mobilis resolves conflict between needs of blind users and other people. Our beacon output 100% customizable: from buzzer sound to detailed voice announcements (Building name, Address, next point of interest)
You can serve both blind and regular customers without compliants!
Handsfree operation mode
Our beacon activators works automatically and handsfree, without requirement for blind person to do any operations. This is especially important, since may blind people have to hold white cane as navigation aid.
Hand free automatic operation provides new level of comfort for users!
Activation options for smartphone users and non-smartphone users
To activate the beacon(s), blind user uses smartphone application (many blind people use smartphones) or small personal pocket device (this covers other non-smartphone users).
With 2 complimentary options for activation Mobilis covers 100% of users needs!
Solution for buildings, public transportation, traffic lights
We offer wide range of solutions from building to traffic lights. Our transportation solution may be placed outside above cabin door and can provide (among the navigation buzzer) route number announcement for people outside. Embedded solution available to integrate to the exiting OEM smart city products. Both SDK and HDK available for control of voice announcements, external equipment and sensors.
Our solution allows to build "Smart City" accessible for all citizens!
More technical information can be found on Developer Site
Mobilis Sound Beacon
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