Mobilis EYE 360 VISION

Our goal is to provide operators of heavy equipment
with better situation awareness
using modern computer vision and AI technology

Mobilis Eye 360 Vision :: How it works
Mobilis solution proccess video stream from up to 12 fish eye cameras mounted around vehicle
in real time and provide information about surrounding to driver and internal or external operators
Our goal with this project to reduce risks of trauma, disabilities and property damage during heavy equipment operations
Mobilis Eye 360 Vision :: Features
Mobilis Eye 360 vision (in development)
When heavy equipment perform maneuver or operation in tight spaces, it may pose danger for people or property. Our system combines video stream from up to 12 fish eye 180 deg FOV cameras into single situation awareness data.
  • Multiple users with independent point of view control (ex. driver and operator(s))
  • Ability to connect external operators via secure wireless interface (optional)
  • Side view from any side, virtual camera control
  • 3D reconstructed objects around vehicle
  • Reconstructed bird eye view from top of vehicle
  • Special equipment data integration (crane position, forklift position,etc.)
  • Operation with some damaged (offline) sensors or sensors covered by dirt
  • Minimum external size impact (up to half countersunk 20mm sensor head)
  • Data sharing between multiple users (treat markers, direction markers, commands)
  • Virtual parking distance sensors from all directions
  • Smart glasses integration
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Mobilis Eye 360 :: Products
Mobilis Eye 360 combines advanced computer vision and AI solutions into single safety product
Mobilis Eye
Wide FOV camera
  • Provides video stream
  • Uses Fish eye lens
  • Small external footprint
  • Full HD resolution
  • Digital interface
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Mobilis Eye
Camera image proccessor
  • Send from camera to vehicle network
  • Image encoding
  • Wired and wireless (optional) interface
  • Automated data fusion
  • Computer vision software
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Mobilis Eye
Control panel
  • Fusion streams from multiple cameras
  • 3D view reconstruction
  • Virtual camera control
  • Multiple users coperation
  • Wired and wireless (optional) interface
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Mobilis Eye 360 :: Advantages
Reliability for heavy duty operations
Work in case some sensors damaged or covered
Wireless connection to to external operator
Optional module for second user who may help driver
Modern computer vision and AI processing
Provides advanced function for threat detection
Integration with external software
Custom extension apps for your system
Mobilis Eye 360
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